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Portsmouth_WaterAt Portsmouth Water we have been supplying water to Portsmouth and the surrounding area since 1857.

The area supplied by the Company extends through South East Hampshire and West Sussex from the River Meon in the West to the river Arun in the East, encompassing 868sq. kilometers.

We provide high quality public water supplies to a domestic population exceeding 660,000, as well as many important industries, large defence establishments and varied commercial businesses.

We have a long tradition of providing safe drinking water of the highest quality from its springs, wells, boreholes, and surface water sources.

Our Company has a proud record of maintaining high standards of customer service whilst having the lowest water supply charges in England and Wales.

This section includes factual information about our sources of supply, the techniques we use to convert raw water into drinking water and the methods used for storage and distribution to the properties we supply.

There are also useful facts about the Water Quality standards that our drinking water has to meet, as well as tips for helping you maintain water quality in your home.

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